Gauteng Premier David Makhura to host 2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting

September 19, 2020

Premier David Makhura in his capacity as Co-president of World Association of Major Metropolises will host the 2018 Metropolis Annual Meeting from 26th to 29th August at the Sandton Convention Centre, under the theme: “Inclusive Metropolitan Cities and City-Regions”. This forms part of ongoing efforts to localise the Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Climate Agreement, and the New Urban Agenda; as well as give international political visibility to the interests of Cities, find innovative solutions to the challenges facing Cities and City regions, lobby financial and technical assistance, and ensure mutual learning and capacity development.

The 2018 Annual Meeting of Metropolis will attract international and local Mayors of Cities, political executives of national and sub-national governments as well as global development partners. Premier David Makhura therefore calls on youth, women, people with disability and organised civil society groups to get involved in the 5-day dialogue on building inclusive cities, featuring thought-provoking plenaries, parallel sessions and technical tours within Gauteng.  

The meeting provides Gauteng City Region with a strategic opportunity to support efforts to build Brand South Africa, advance Gauteng’s international relations programme, strengthen Gauteng’s agenda to improve partnership with other City-Regions across Africa, as well as support for South African Local Government Association (SALGA) and UCLG Presidency to build international and local government cooperation.

Metropolis recognises that local governments are major actors in the global response to the urban challenges of the century. Inclusive Cities and City-Regions are places that value all people and their needs. They are places in which all residents, including the most marginalised, have a representative voice in governance, planning, and budgeting, along with sustainable livelihoods, legal housing and affordable basic services. The preferred approach to inclusivity must be integrative and multi-dimensional, moving beyond brick-and-mortar interventions, to encompass the spatial, social, economic and governance dimensions of inclusion within an African context. Notably, An inaugural meeting of African Metropolises will be held prior, to deliberate the role of African Cities in Metropolis, and to bring the voice of African Cities to the fore during the Annual Meeting. These, and more, will be presented from 26th to 29th August 2018 at the Metropolis Annual Meeting in Sandton Convention Centre, City Johannesburg.

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