Capturing hearts for truly inclusive cities

September 19, 2020

The Department of Cooperative Governance in partnership with the South African Cities Network hosted an IUDF workshop “All of Society”. The workshop was a follow up  from the Urban Conference In 2018. Representatives of all 3 spheres of government worked together to discuss moving the Integrated Urban Development Framework (IUDF) off the words on paper to a whole of government approach.

Among those present at the workshop were National, Provincial, Municipal officials, SALGA, CSIR and other stakeholders.

The workshop was anchored on the  narrative that “Before we can talk about whole of society, we need to have a whole of government that works” Deputy Minister Andries Nel who was part of the session buttressed this point when he encouraged the participants that “ We need to own the mandate of spatial transformation and work together as whole of government to realise the outcomes of the IUDF on the ground”

It  was an interactive workshop where  participants  were required to get out of their norm and engage in  more hands-on  activities from building models according to theme that contribute to IUDF, fishbowl conversation and a  timeline reflection of urbanization work and policies in the country and how it shapes and informs  the implementation of the IUDF going forward.

There was a strong emphasis on getting back our hearts into the work we do. In the era of technology and the wave of the 4thIndustrial revolution it is important to still  keep citizens at the centre.

‘The hardware of cities depend on the software of social life’ – Andrew Boraine

The workshop was facilitated  by Rehana of Barefoot facilitation

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